BBWeather 0.74

Complete weather station for your Blackberry device

Features of BBWeather: View full description


Features of BBWeather:

BBWeather is an application that displays current and forecast weather conditions for the 7XXX series of Blackberrys (V4.0 of OS). The application allows you to completely customize the settings to get precise details of the weather where you are or where you're going.

Features of BBWeather:

  • Multiple profiles. Profiles are properties/options for a particular weather location. You can change profiles via shortcut key/menuitem which allows you to view weather conditions in multiple locations instantly
  • Press SPACE or choose menuitem to change between Current Conditions screen and Forecast screen
  • Forecast can range from 2-10 days per profile
  • Units type per profile
  • Uses the device font type and size
  • Temperature fields are displayed in user-definable colors
  • Weather data is fully cached but is updated on user defined intervals and can also by updated instantly via menu item

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BBWeather 0.74

User reviews about BBWeather

  • wenyuwen

    by wenyuwen

    "Nice software, a small suggestion"

    Very nice software, but could you please add the chinese calendar as a opptional choice on the destop? i am a chinese...   More.